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Gombak, 24 Mac- ‘’Leadership, public speaking skills, self-confidence and sense of responsibilities’’ are among the key emphasis of the inaugural School Leaders Summit 2012 (SLS 2012), proudly organised by Kelab Remaja ISMA Gombak in collaboration with PEMBINA IIUM Chapter. This historic event received overwhelming support from all KRIM Gombak’s focused  schools with total participation of 145 school leaders  from five renowned schools in Gombak, namely SMK Sg Pusu, SMK Gombak Setia, SBPI Gombak, SMK Teknik Gombak and SM Sains Hulu Selangor.

SLS 2012 with the theme I AM BORN TO BE A LEADER’ aimed to expose and guide the participants with all relevant information and skills on how to be a prominent leader within their own circle of influence. Besides, the event also aimed to prepare a platform for all the student leaders from various schools to share their thoughts and ideas among themselves.  SLS 2012 had brought together three distinguished speakers with three main topics of discussions; Motivational Leadership, Dream Leaders: Character Buildings (Insights from Al-Quran) and Public Speaking 101. The participant had been giving their full commitment and cooperation throughout the event.


Public speaking workshop had drawn the utmost interest from the participants. According to Azman who is the head of Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar SMK Gombak Setia, the workshop was an eye opener for him and provided the most rewarding experience throughout the whole programme. At the end of the programme, Azman had been awarded as the best participant of SLS 2012. He also added that this event served its purpose in providing a learning platform and bridging the gap between student committees especially for those who are studying in boarding schools.


SLS 2012 ended its journey with a closing ceremony by Ustaz Mohd Nazri Mohd Nor, The Central Committee of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA), Gombak. In his closing remarks, he urged the participants to further enhance the knowledge and soft skills obtained from SLS 2012 to face the challenging world ahead. He also emphasised the importance of full submission to Allah in order to be the leaders who are worthy in from of HIM in this world and hereafter.

On another note, the Director of KRIM Gombak insisted that this event mark a strong commitment by KRIM Gombak in nurturing the future leaders of the nation aligned with the aspiration to see a greater involvement of the NGOs working closely with the schools. KRIM Gombak has been recognised as a strategic partner among the teachers in Gombak from collaborations that was organised in the past.

In 2012, KRIM Gombak has achieved another milestone, being the strategic partner for student leaders’ development in five schools. Series of development programs, known as ‘Program Pembangunan Jatidiri Remaja’ has been conducted starting early this year in all schools, and will be continue throughout the year with four main themes; My Personality, Leaders Characters Building, Soft Skills Enhancement and Teens Solutions. KRIM will put a lot of effort in nurturing the students; with aspiration to see the birth of new generation with charismatic leadership, practicing Islam as the way of life and serve the society for the brighter future of the nation.


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Ahmad Sukri Norhan

ISMA Reporter


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